We don really understand yet why evolution built us

The benefits of caloric restriction and intermittent fasting are now well established. We don really understand yet why evolution built us this way, but it seems that when we stress our body by mimicking mild starvation, it responds by cleaning things up inside our cells, as well as killing off sickly cells and, more generally as Josh Mitteldorf argues here by slowing down many of the programmed aging aspects that are built into our genes. This includes increased telomere length, which is another topic I cover in a later article..

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I think it was Ben Franklin who said that the best way to make a close friend is to help them. Of course the church benefits too. Like I did when I opened my card, I felt like a part of the family, not just people who smiled at me and greeted me in church, but I realized that my church family thought of me even when it wasn’t Sunday.

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