The governor signed the bill two weeks after his

COVINGTON, Ky. In 2012, Steve Del Gardo found a lump in his breast. Although less than one percent of men develop breast cancer, a doctor diagnosed him and he had a double mastectomy. The governor signed the bill two weeks after his executive order.Nursing industry officials say the action taken by the state came at a time of crisis.”New Jersey recognized the importance of providing immunity to protect front line healthcare facilities and their staffs who worked tirelessly and at great personal risk to care for those who were most vulnerable,” said Jonathan Dolan, president and CEO of the Health Care Association of New Jersey, which represents the long term care industry in the state. „Rescinding their immunity would benefit those who want to use the courts to second guess decisions made under unprecedented circumstances.”Gough said the coronavirus should not have taken nursing home administrators by surprise. She pointed to well documented stories of infections spiraling out of control in Washington, before it occurred in New Jersey, and an earlier adenovirus outbreak in Wanaque, as well as shortages of protective equipment in many states, long before the virus took hold here.The immunity granted by the state, she said, is allowing troubled facilities to escape responsibility for their failures to protect people who were dependent on them for their care.”Understaffing.

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