Players who commit helmet to helmet hits

One of the real pleasures of listening to Romo on air is to see him finally get his due for that intelligence. For years he was unfairly criticized as a stat flamboyant player who was unable to win in January, when in fact he was a 65 percent passer and the one consistently great factor on an otherwise unstable team. Whether Romo would make a great coach is unforeseeable; what’s certain is that he’s an extraordinary voice who helps everyone at home reframe the game with more respect for it and him..

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„I would be surprised if he goes anywhere else and plays next year,” Theismann said. „I would be a little surprised if he’s still playing by the end of this year, actually. But I would let him play out the year as long as it’s safe for him playing behind that offensive line.

There is a serious disconnect in the NFL’s emphasis. Players who commit helmet to helmet hits, even unintentionally, have been held responsible with heavy fines and even suspensions, and the victim of the hit is told to „self report” his symptoms. But when the Rams medical and coaching staffs completely ignored basic precautions and let Keenum remain in a game despite the fact that he literally grabbed his head and lurched sideways, the league declined to penalize anyone and instead called it a „learning experience.”Ben Roethlisberger leaves the field late in the second half in Seattle.

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