The agency faced huge extra costs due to the pandemic

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uk canada goose It is no longer offering a priority letters service. The agency also received special permission to carry medicines, and had transported food parcels.It was forced to charter flights to get parcels around the country because Qantas had suspended most of its domestic flights. The agency also set up 16 pop up parcel sorting facilities, some the size of a football field, and staff had volunteered from around the business to help.”We didn’t want to stand down our employees because there’s always that risk that if you don’t operate in a crisis you can became irrelevant, so we wanted to keep working,” Ms Holgate said.Aust Post adamant no job losses, pay cutsLabor pushes to overturn Australia Post’s delivery changesAustralia Post’s cuts hurt a bush online fashion labelShe said 4500 staff had shifted to work from home within three days, and „lots of employees” had taken leave in April to keep costs down.The agency faced huge extra costs due to the pandemic, including having to bring in contractors and outsource work, and cover extra expenses such as personal protective equipment and social distancing.Many small businesses had come to rely on Australia Post to stay afloat as they turned to online shopping.Ms Holgate said 200,000 households had shopped online for the first time during the pandemic, and, at the peak, 3 million people had visited the Australian Post website in one day.Customers had been demanding, with the message: „Where’s my parcel and I want it tomorrow, even though the volumes have just exploded.”Letters were only 20 per cent of Australia Post’s business, she said.In April, the government relaxed Australia Post rules so interstate letters could be delivered in an extended five days, it need only deliver every second day in cities, and didn’t need to keep all its post offices open. uk canada goose

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canadian goose jacket The Town of Shelburne has closed Town Hall and Grace Tipling Hall, the Shelburne Police station is closed to non emergency visits. The Shelburne Fire Hall, library and Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex are closed to the public.March. 16. Today PaperCruise ships are staying longer Down Under and there are some excellent deals to be had, writes. The Australian cruise season has been extended, with popular cruise ships, including Sapphire Princess and Queen Elizabeth, sailing in our waters. The move is the result of the coronavirus in Asia, and means thousands more cabins, port calls and itineraries for Aussie cruisers canadian goose jacket.

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