Suiting up for Memphis behind the plate was Cardinal

Additional municipal commissioner P Velarasu said the accuracy of actionable advanced warnings using the system need to be validated with ward units. Needs to be a verification mechanism. On the day forecasts were issued, broad trends for three to six hours have been accurate, but exact detailing and fine tuning are not available yet.

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So it was special, even with hearts heavy. Suiting up for Memphis behind the plate was Cardinal great Yadier Molina (on a rehab assignment). Molina got the Redbirds on the board with a squeeze bunt in the fourth inning and John Nogowski broke a 3 3 tie with a two run homer in the eighth to give Memphis the win.

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Fresh Mint: This can be used both indoors and outdoors for flea control. Since fleas come in from the outside you can take a pro active approach by planting mint plants around the yard. Not only will it help repel the growth of fleas outside but you can use the mint leaves for all natural flea sprays on your pets.

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