In 2018 Kim famously campaigned for clemency for

Owens spreads paranoiaProne to gaffes that expose her ignorance about history and politics, Owens has gained a massive online presence among far right wing Trump supporters by directly challenging the mainstream Democratic Party narrative on racism, police violence and poverty in America. She’s also attacked George Floyd’s character. What’s more, Owens has spread anti Soros paranoia online, giving it a cooler, hipper and younger flavor..

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cheap nba Jerseys free shipping In the topsy turvy world of American politics in the Trump era, celebrities are the new lobbyists. In 2018 Kim famously campaigned for clemency for grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, who had been imprisoned for nearly two decades for a first time non violent offence. Kourtney, meanwhile, journeyed to Washington, where she partnered with the Environmental Working Group for better laws governing cosmetics in the US. cheap nba Jerseys free shipping

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