If they’re going home the same day

Are you trying to get in shape but have a sweet tooth you just can’t kick? Do you feel like desserts are what’s between you and your skinny jeans? If you can relate to this keep reading. Everyone wants a chocolate cookie every now and then and you don’t have to feel guilty for it anymore. In fact, you can actually treat your body well and enjoy your sweet treats at the same time.

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Find out how soon after the procedure your loved one should be able to go home. Be sure to ask what special supplies or equipment you might need to have once they get there. If they’re going home the same day, it’ll be especially important to have things ready in advance.

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Makes automated phone calls to remind you of your next appointment. Prescriptions are mailed out, saving you time at the pharmacy. Evaluations sheets are given for the patient to tell them about their doctor visit. If we can’t go to the games, are the games worth playing? Emphatically, yes. If leagues can come up with smart, science based protocols for playing games that count, then play ball. Television will be a lifeline for fans, but even the games we don’t see consider the thousands you don’t see in a normal, pre COVID year will be worth the news and stories they generate.

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