„I am a believer that things that happen within the

Their reasoning, however, differed.For instance, one player was particularly peeved by the public nature of the dispute.”You want to know that the people that brought you here are going to have your back,” he said. „I am a believer that things that happen within the organization, a lot of them should stay in the organization and it would not motivate me to get back on the field or play for that coach or want to be there. I’m going to give my all to this organization, and I hope that they’re going to do what’s best not only for them, but for me as well when it comes to my physical health.”The fact that the Jets effectively do not believe Osemele is in sufficient pain to warrant surgery was a sticking point, too.”People play hurt every week in the NFL, but unless you’re that person going through that injury, you can’t really say for sure how much it’s affecting somebody,” one player said.The Jets are basically calling Osemele, „a liar,” in another player’s estimation.”It’s just a lack of respect, really,” a third player said.

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