House coronavirus bill includes $363M Syracuse bailout

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cheap jerseys nba Let me repeat John Katko voted against nearly a billion dollars in local government relief funds for our district.House coronavirus bill includes $363M Syracuse bailout, $67 billion for NYHouse Democrats approve unprecedented aid for NY state and local governments.Fact: Over the next two years, the HEROES Act would provide $360 million for the city of Syracuse and $64 million for the city of Auburn. At the county level, Onondaga is set to receive $260 million, Oswego $66 million, Cayuga $43 million, and Wayne $50 million. So don’t believe John Katko when he tells you he’s leading the charge for local government relief; he’s actually standing in the way.Fact: Local government funding isn’t the only thing the Congressman voted against in that bill. cheap jerseys nba

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