And we must be compassionate with ourselves and each

We must be courageous to mindfully notice our fear and yet still choose to focus on the here and now and try to enjoy it. And we must be compassionate with ourselves and each other because courage in the face of this fear is hard, mindfulness takes practice, and being present can be truly challenging so we have to be kind as we fumble through the process. Here is how:.

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How did Aretha Franklin lose weight? Great question, and it sure a hot topic in celeb weight loss land. Her story is quite an interesting one, but, ironically enough, it has a great sense of simplicity a word that one would not normally use to describe Ms. Aretha Franklin, aka the QUEEN of soul..

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There are quite a few methods, most of which are quick and easy to do. We also added ways that will let you know if your account got hacked and how you can prevent it.1. How to Know Your Facebook Account Got HackedIn 2018,Facebook got hackedand more than 50 million accounts got compromised.

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