And since they take a long time to grind coffee to a

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We have to. Yes, we have to both as individuals and as a society. In order to navigate the world, in order to make hundreds of decisions a day, in order to get along with others, we are all constantly making judgments. The subject of this night’s conversation was the genesis, purpose and nature of love. A topic on which every guest could, and did, wax bold, provocative, amusing, even lyrical. It was just the kind of event that the well educated and clever Norris would have been delighted to attend (and to which he would surely have been invited).

Most people who are overweight know that they are that, but may not know that they are obese. They are probably convinced that they will go to their doctor and get the correct diagnosis as well as advice about their health, diet and exercise tips so that they can make the needed improvements. But, according to a new study published in the journal, Obesity, how much your doctor himself weighs may influence how likely he is to bring up obesity in the first place as well as how much stock he puts into the advice that he is giving his patients..

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